“BIG BOAT SERIES 2002” Hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club FINAL RESULTS

Boating Events Calendar

Sep.-May Around Alone single-handed ‘round the world, 12 men and 1 woman entered, with 2 Californians competing. www.aroundalond.com or to check Bay Area’s entry Bruce Swabb log on to www.oceanplanet.org.
Oct. 1-10 Start of the Louis Vuitton Cup in Auckland: nine challengers representing six countries will race in the Challenger Series to determine who will race against New Zealand in the America’s Cup. www.americascup.com Very exciting stuff. www.lvcup.com. Oracle Racing is our home team. www.oracleracing.com
Oct. 5-6 - Fifth Annual All-Catalina Rendezvous at Ayala Cove, Angel Island. All Boats made by Catalina welcome. Bill Eddy, (925) 820-7370.
Oct. 5-9 - Adams Cup, US Women’s Sailing Championship. SFYC, (415)789-5647.
Oct. 6 – Paisano race, Monterey YC annual El Toro event. Male-Female teams sign up. Has to do with drinking a small bottle of wine – sailing to the beach of a nearby point. Get out to the boat to find among those waiting the person whose number matches the number in the bottle who then sails the boat back. www.mpyc.com
Oct. 9 - Latitude 38’s Mexico Crew List Party at Encinal YC, 6-9 p.m. Very fun. www.latitude38.com. Last chance for short-handed skippers to meet crew.
Oct. 12 – Fleet Week, US Navy. By land or sea it’s a great show.
Oct. 12-13 - 10th Annual Northern California Women’s Sailing Seminar. See ad. One very packed day of short clinics taught by women. Second day choose either a fun race or mini cruise on San Francisco Bay. Ladies and Gentlemen of Island with the help of Alameda and Encinal YC members, professional sailing women from the all areas of sailing volunteer their time to teach. It is designed to help women understand the jokes, sail with greater knowledge and to ask those questions they didn’t know who to ask. Usually event attendance is 200 to 300 women choosing from a menu of classes offering something for all experience levels. There is a raffle mid-day with fabulous prizes from supportive sponsors, marine to ice cream. It’s a day for the ladies. Men if you have a lady who might want to sail encourage her to spend the nominal fee and enjoy the weekend. Island YC, (510) 521-2980
Oct. 22 – Fall series start more relaxed fun regattas around the bay.
Oct.22-31 – Louis Vuitton Cup round 2: 9 challengers battle it out eliminating 1 boat.
Halloween Regattas
Oct. 26-27 - Great Pumpkin Regatta, Jaws theme. Richmond YC, (510)237-2821. Day 1 is a one design multi-fleet regatta. Day 2 is a fun race picking up pumpkins.
Oct. 26 – 22nd annual Red Rock Regatta & Costume party. Tiburon YC, The Red Rock Regatta’ is fun and funny. Like Halloween, sailing, dinner and dancing? Then you can’t miss. It’s racing with a belly laugh. All participants are encouraged to race their boats in costume. Wind at that part of the Bay and time of year has moments of drifting followed by periods of zooming around marks with costumes flying. Gerry Gunn (415)435-6038
Oct. 28-29 – 9th Annual Baja Ha-Ha Rally leaves San Diego for Cabo San Lucas. Check www.baja-haha.com. Want to go cruising but the jump seems overwhelming? It’s a way to set a date and go with a supportive net of like-minded people. There are parties at every stop like a car rally. Originated and lead by Latitude 38’s Editor – Richard Spindler who shines as a fun guy but considerate caretaker of the places visited. It is a kick in the pants to actually leave the dock lines behind, head out the Gate, then turn left ‘til the butter melts. As of Mid Sept.124 boats are entered.
Nov. 2 – Jack & Jill +1, Island YC Alameda Estuary Race. (510) 521-2980

If you see a group of boats traveling as a pack, they are probably racing. It’s fun to know who and whats doing out on the water. If racing is new, contact the number and find out how to hitch a ride. Got an event, (sail, power, fishing et all)? For listing or advertising email swiftswan@aol.com.

Americap II A
1.Pendragon IV John MacLaurin
2.Cita Cita Litt
3.Icon Richard Robbins
10 boats in class
Americap II B
1.Chance Paul Kent
2.Scorpio John Siegel
3.Copernicus Bob Garvie
9 boats in class
Santa Cruz 52
1.Winnetou Martin Brauns
2.Elyxir Paul Ely
3.Morgana Robert Magoon
4 boats in class
ID 35 Fleet
1.Zsa Zsa Bill Wright
2.Koinonia Doug Ament
3.Tabasco John Wylie
7 boats in class
B40.7 Fleet
1.Mojo Rising Brendan Busch
2.Battant Chris Herron
3.Tout Suite Tim Merrill
5 boats in class
Express 37 Fleet
1.Golden Moon Bridge Richards
2.Eclipse Mark Dowdy
3.Bladerunner Mick Shlens
8 boats in class
Farr 40 Fleet
1.Barking Mad James Richards
2.Peregrine David Thomson
3.Shadow Peter Stoneberg
20 boats in class
J 120 Fleet (12.0 meters)
1.Chance Barry Lewis
2.Mr. Magoo Steve Maderia
3.Dayenu Don Payan
7 boats in class
TP 52 Fleet
1.Yassou Jim Demetriades
2.Alta Vita Bill Turpin
3.Victoria 5 Michael Campbell
5 boats in class
J 105 Fleet (10.5 meters)
1.Good Timin’ Phil Perkins/Dave Wilson
2.Blackhawk Dean Dietrich
3.Nantucket Sleig Peter Wagner
33 boats in class

September’s Big Boat Series provided a spectacular waterfront show this year. It is the crescendo of spring and summer sailboat racing. It brings together professional sailors with wonderful amateur sailing talent. Entrant boats come from all around the country to race joining the fray with our local water warriors. It is a grueling 7 race series over the third week and weekend of September each year with great parties in between. The Big Boat Series heralds October’s transition to the beginning of the Fall’s sailing season, kicked off with a number of championships and fun on-the-water events. See the Calendar. Sailing is beautiful to watch. Our calendar for those who don’t sail will help to know to what’s happening if watching from ferries or along the waterfront.