All Hail the Ferry Godmother

Fifteen years ago, the Vallejo ferry service – now a burgeoning success story – was on the ropes and slated for cancellation. Into the breach rushed Cindy Dewtiler, who just said “no”. She was honored at the christening of the MV Vallejo, the newest ferryboat addition to the first-class fleet connecting Vallejo to San Francisco by water.

Latest Addition to San Francisco Bay’s Top Notch Vallejo Fleet to Serve Back-up Role for Rapidly Expanding Success-Story Service

Published: May, 2002

”Ferry Godmother” Cindy Detwiler, ringleader of a group of riders who organized to save the now-thriving Vallejo service, doing the honors.

Left to right: Ferry Godmother Detwiler, Ferry Union Boss Sechitano and Chris Cunnie, President of the San Francisco Police Officer’s Association

Marina V. Sechitano and her guys: Fred Krauss, MVS, Jimmy Eversole, Percy Ferrell, all deckhands with the IBU

They aren’t so cheerful at contract time, but on this happy day it’s all smiles for Marina V. Secchitano of IBU and Blue and Gold Fleet boss Ron Duckhorn. Blue and Gold is the largest ferry operator on the Bay.

The Gang’s all Here: flanked by Vallejo ferry workers, five powerful women making ferry service happen on San Francisco Bay. Left to right: Carolyn Horgan, Operations Chief at the Blue and Gold Fleet, peeking over Carolyn’s shoulder, Marina V. (“And Don’t You Forget It”) Secchitano, Regional Director of the Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific, Ferry Godmother Cindy Detwiler, Vallejo Ferry Impresario Pam Belchamber (more formally known as the Transportation Superintendent for the City of Vallejo) and Charlene Johnson, President of the Water Transit Authority, the new state authority convened to study plans for a comprehensive regional ferry service. And standing behind and between Pam Belchamber and Charlene Johnson: the Honorable Mayor of Vallejo (and board member of the Water Transit Authority) Anthony J. Intintoli, Jr. Even though he’s a man, he’s powerful, too, and has played a key role improving water transit for the region.